Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 5

Yesterday was fairly average. I did some yard work, played some Xbox, had dinner. You know, my usual routine for the most part. Then at about 10pm I get a text from my sister. My sister who happens to live in the same house as me, but is too lazy to come down to the basement to ask me her question in person.

"Will you go to wally world with me?" (Wally world being a nickname for Wal-Mart)

I oblige on the condition that she buy me some candy, and we set off for Wal-Mart. I ask why we're there and she tells me she's got baking fever and she wants to bake something neat out of her fancy cup-cake book. So we buy all kinds of things and she decides that she (and by proxy, myself), is going to bake Koi fish cup-cakes.

So we get home and start the baking and get everything ready. I gotta say, they didn't come out half bad:

To make them, we used regular vanilla cake mix, vanilla frosting tinted with blue and a tiny bit of green and two circus peanuts for the fish's body and fins. The eyes are resse's pieces for the base and the tips of chocolate chips for the pupils. The mouth is just a cheerio. She only had time to decorate the one (mind you, it was past 12am by now and she had to work early this morning), but tonight we're going to make a whole batch of Koi cup-cakes.

That's all for now, check ya later internets.


  1. I first thought that´s wasabi with carrots :D

  2. total win! me and my bro used to get weird cravings in the middle of the night too and would make pancakes and stuff all the times