Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 4

Yesterday was interesting. While doing my usual morning routine (wake up, piss, check the internet) I noticed an email from the lady who's organizing the Ghostbusters theme party at the bar. She had asked for a picture to put on the flier so that she could advertise us, and then asked about price.

Now, paying gigs as a fan-costumer are few and far between, so I had no idea what to ask for. I thought about it and decided that since most of us drink, I'd like to have our drinks comped for the night, and have them pay us each $20. The reason for that being, if they didn't comp our drinks, it would have been about $50 per tean member which would have gone right back into their bar anyway. I sent her an email with that offer and a picture of our custom logo.

She replied back last night around 8pm and she agreed to my terms. She even added that we could each get some food comped as well. I was over the moon! My first outing as the team's "CFO" was a success (in my eyes anyway). I am also looking up Ghostbuster/Paranormal themed drink recipes so that we we have our meeting with the girl, we can have idea ready in case she needs them. She's already asked about how to get or make slime, and it so happens that our "CEO" knows how to whip up some great slime. So hopefully we can get together at the bar this weekend to chat about the party and go over any minor details that need to be hammered out.

After all that excitement, I passed out around 2 and had (surprise surprise) Ghostbuster-related dreams. I woke up to a cold, rainy day and an empty house. And other than dropping half of my glasses (they're broken, supposed to be getting new ones this weekend)in a piss filled toilet, I think it's going to be a good day.

See you later internets.


  1. Very good blog bro, supported!

    Also, there some good stuff for you here too:

  2. Ghost slime? how about some green aftershock half made into jelly? haha

  3. Getting interesting... any chance you could post that slime recipe?

  4. I'll see about getting the recipe from my buddy to share with you in a future post.