Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 3

Ok, last night's dinner part wasn't a total failure. Dinner went well, polite conversation and no big fuck-ups. It was dessert that made me retreat to my mancave. I can't recall the exact details, but in ended up being that my mother was the one to get upset with me for some reason, and bring up my unemployment as an insult.

After going back down into my room (yes, I am a stereotypical basement dwelling neckbeard hipster), I played some more of that wrestling game my friend loaned me. I managed to make my guy the champion of almost every path, but I stopped to watch some TV. Around 3am I finally got tired enough to go lay down and get some sleep.

My dreams last night were odd. In my dream, I was at a big house with my friends. One friend started giving away a bunch of stuff and I found myself suddenly wearing a poncho and a hat like Clint Eastwood in "A Fistful of Dollars" and I turned to see either a mirror where I looked exactly like Clint did, or Clint himself in that outfit. Next thing I know, in the dream I have to take a piss really bad, but every bathroom I run into in this big house has a girl in the tub bathing. I only saw legs and feet, but I knew they were female. So finding no bathroom in my dreams, my body decided it was time to wake up and find a bathroom in the real world.

And that's how I started my morning.


  1. That's an interesting dream, maybe it's Clint Eastwood saying man up and move out. :P Just kidding.

  2. If I had the means, I'd be gone in a heartbeat.

  3. Haha. burn bro... i wish u the best with your basement situation