Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 16

Ok so I guess I should update or something.

I dogsat for my buddy last weekened. That was kinda fun. I really want to get a dog of my own now that we live in a house. Problem is, my family and I don't share the same taste in breeds. See, I want a dog big enough to actually play and wrestle with. I really want a husky.

My mom on the other hand wants a small dog. One that won't bark, and one smart enough to teach lots of tricks to, like our old dog Rosie. Rosie was a female Jack Russel/Dachshund mix. She was fucking smart as a whip too. When she needed dog food or something, my uncle (who was living with us at the time, and was technically Rosie's owner) would put money in her mouth and say "Go give that to Mary (my mom), go tell her you need food.". Rosie would then run into my mom's room, drop the money at her feet and bark.

Rosie was a damn smart dog. Sadly, when we moved here to Illinois, we had to leave Rosie with my uncle back in California. Sadder still, two years ago Rosie passed away from cancer. Ever since, my mom has been saying "Once we get a house, we'll get a dog." And now that we live in a nice house, the family is thinking of getting a dog. My sister and mom are thinking of getting a beagle, which I guess is ok with me. I mean, they're pretty smart and I suppose it'd be big enough to play with.

Other than that, still the same as it always is. Looking for work, hopefully now that it's hitting the holiday season, I'll be able to find seasonal work. I'd love to work at Gamestop again this season. I loved working there two years ago. Discount was nice, and I knew the job. Not to mention the kind of people I interacted with were like me.

Anyway, that's all I've got for today. I'll try to update more regularly.


  1. cool story. yea dogs are cool.

  2. I really don't like dogs. I am a cat person. Having said that, I can safely say that once in a blue moon there is a dog who seems like he is more intelligent than some people I know.

    Seasonal work at Gamestop? Good luck. I guess if you have done it before, then you know what you are in for!

  3. Loving dogs.
    What about a labrador?
    They're fucking smart and not even so big :D

  4. I´d also prefer a small dog, big dogs mean more work in my opinion.

  5. I prefer cats too. People always like dogs better, but Cats are way cooler

  6. I'm definitely a cat person. Probably because I'm lazy and cats tend to be more low-maintenance.